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7 months 1 week ago #137718 by El_Roy_1999
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Okay, this has taken forever. Still, here's a new story, which quite a few might enjoy.
Quick info: This story includes futanari, aka a woman with a penis.

Get In Shape!
After summer break, Nadia is waiting for her friend Alisha who is just as fat and out of shape as her. However, when she turns up, she is completely transformed. Things escalate quickly as Nadia discovers a secret side-effect of the drug she uses.
This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth and futa. All characters are at least 18 years old.


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6 months 2 weeks ago #137880 by El_Roy_1999
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Something a little more traditional: Female muscle growth, not too realistic and nice to watch!

Amelia is tired of being fat and out of shape. Happily, there's a new wonder drug which promises to fix her problems in no time. As could be expected, things get out of hand very soon!
This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion and age progression. All characters are over 18 years old.


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5 months 3 weeks ago #138103 by El_Roy_1999
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Here's a complete 120,000 word novel that I wrote over the past year and a half. Those that like more complex stories will doubtlessly enjoy it.

New Life
Ava's dad died a year ago. She went to college, glad to get some space. When she came back, she found out that her mom took up bodybuilding. She joins her and things change!
This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), height growth, breast expansion, superpowers, tentacles, mind control, male to female transformations and age progression. All characters are over 18 years old.


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5 months 2 weeks ago #138150 by El_Roy_1999
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Here's a new story, featuring some nice feats of strength!

The Break-In

The gangsters hide their best roids and supplements in their compound, so Danielle decides it's heist time! Once there, she decides to try some of the stuff. And it works wonders!
This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), feats of strength and breast expansion. All characters are over 18 years old.


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5 months 1 week ago #138194 by El_Roy_1999
Replied by El_Roy_1999 on topic My stories on Smashwords
A final story for this year, involving body switching and muscle growth!

Old Soul Young Body
Mrs. Kane is getting old. Very old. She knows death is around the corner, but she has heard of a mystic, a strange woman who should be able to help her stave off the inevitable. She might even win the heart of that young man who's taking care of her.
his work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion and body switching. All characters are over 18 years old.


Also, the preview:
The Old Soul

“There you are, Mrs. Kane.”
“Thank you, Theo.”
He helps me back into my chair. I hate the chair. Sadly, walking is becoming a chore for me now. I can manage a short distance once in a while, but I get tired … To think that I once ran for my life! Well, not anymore. Today, I could only crawl, and only this very slowly. That’s the sad part they don’t tell you about growing old: It’s not the constant little pains and the forgetfulness that really bother me. It’s realizing that so many things you used to be able to do without thinking now take an effort to do right. Happily, I have my Theo. He’s a good boy. He’s big and he’s strong and he’s kind.
He's the son I always wished for. I didn’t have the pleasure, sadly. It wasn’t to be. Frederick, my husband, was very disappointed. I wouldn’t get him an heir, regardless of how many times we tried. But he was stuck with me and three daughters. It’s almost funny, isn’t it?
Neither of us got what we wanted from that marriage. He wanted a son and I wanted a loving husband. Ha!
Theo looks at me again. He’s hard not to like. He’s kind. I can tell from his eyes. That’s an advantage if you’re old and still got your wits together. You get good at spotting their constant little lies. This one, he’s honest. Which is why I hired him. His muscles and his cute butt might also have had something to do with it.
“Theo, I would like to rest a little now. Later on, I expect a visitor. Please bring her to my room when she arrives. Tell the maid to wake me beforehand.”
“Certainly, Mrs. Kane.”
“I wouldn’t know what to do without you …”
I put my hand on his wrist. It looks so small next to his big strong ones. Just touching him feels nice. For Theo, I always try to look my best. Lately, my best hasn’t been very good, though. As he walks away, I sigh. I lean back in my chair and relax. Before I close my eyes, I see that stupid oil painting again. Frederick had it painted for our wedding.
An oil painting! Imagine that. We were a beautiful couple, but the artist was a little too perceptive. He saw right through Frederick. There’s me, all young and cute, with my ginger locks and the freckles, still slim and straight in my wedding dress. I look like an idiot. I seriously believed in “happily ever after”. And there’s Frederick. He’s wearing his tuxedo, his gold watch, his big rings. I felt those rings a lot. Thinking about him makes me sick. The painter saw that streak in him and painted it right in.
I really need to get rid of this painting. Now that it’s going to end, I don’t need to be the grieving widow anymore, do I?

I must have fallen asleep.
It’s not surprising. I don’t sleep well at night anymore, so instead, I doze off during the day. Back in the Old Country, they had this old woman, she must have been a hundred years old. What was her name again? Baba … Baba Sarah? Baba Marfa? I forget.
She used to talk to animals and they would obey her. She also sold love potions and cursed the unfaithful husbands. Like all the young girls, I visited her once to get my future told. She also fell asleep just like that.
That old witch wasn’t wrong about my future either. I couldn’t tell you her name, but I still hear her words:
“You’ll go far, but it’ll all be for nothing. You’ll be blessed and cursed and your life will never be easy until your heart stops beating.”
I hated her for that prophecy, but she fell asleep before I even could say anything. The next day, the soldiers came and it was time to flee.
The maid looks at me.
“Mrs. Kane? Theo told me to wake you. Your guest has arrived.”
“Ah. Thank you, Gina.”
“I’m sorry, but my name’s Elizabeth.”
“Very well. Thank you anyway. I forget things.”
The young woman blushes. I try a smile.
“Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Would you help me get dressed?”
“Certainly, Mrs. Kane.”

The old woman comes in. I feel stupid thinking like this. She is at least ten years younger than me. She looks like a gipsy, though. A negro gypsy, even. I know, I know. These are words the young people no longer use. But I am old and I am rich, so I get to be awful in my own way. It’s the small pleasures that are left, such as being horrible to noisy children. They fear me, you know. It makes me chuckle. They think I am a witch! Ha! This one here, she is a witch. She looks like a clown.
However, should she know what she is doing, she will soon be a very wealthy one.
She comes closer. That one doesn’t need a cane. Not yet. But fear not, soon enough, you will be as infirm as I am. Thanks to Gina, no, Elizabeth, I manage to conceal my weakness and decrepitude. She even managed to get me into this dress. It’s like a tent now. She puts it on top of me and closes it in the neck. With the chair, I look regal.
Who am I fooling? I am an old, dying woman.
The witch looks at me and grins. A mouth full of gold teeth. Yes. That is a good sign. Back in the Old Country, those that had gold teeth were the survivors. You had to be tough to keep them. Maybe this woman is the real deal.
“Welcome, madame.”
She looks at me with clear eyes. She might be old, but those eyes are young and bright.
“Thank you for inviting me, Madame Kane.”
I like her voice. It’s deep, but melodious. Not like a man’s. I had a nurse once, she was very strong and useful. But she sounded like a bull in heat. I had to let her go. I couldn’t bear her grunting.
“Let’s dispense with the niceties, I am old and my time is short.”
“Of course. How may I help you?”
“I have heard that you are able to do magic and that you can make one become young again. Is that true?”
The witch chuckles. She shakes her head. It makes her jewelry jangle. This annoys me. The sounds blur in my mind. I adjust the hearing aid. She waits, probably knowing full well what I am doing. Then she answers:
“What is true? To make you young again, I am sorry to disappoint you. I cannot do this. No one can do this.”
I hide my disappointment. It was too good to be true. Of course it was. Those liars and cheats and charlatans with their tricks … I am about to switch off the hearing aid and have her leave when she says:
“There is a way, of course. There is always a way. But it is not the one you might think of now.”
I feel my throat ache. I break out into a series of coughs. They shake my body and I feel as if I am going to throw up. It takes a while for me to calm back down again. Strangely, I’ve been feeling detached of my body and my self lately. Maybe it is because of the inevitability of my death … Being rid of this body might be a blessing. Furiously, I lash out at her:
“What is it, then? Don’t waste my time, witch!”
She chuckles:
“Witch? Yes, that’s what people like you would call me … Fine, I’ll be a witch, then. So, about this … Why do you wish to be young again? Be honest. If you lie to me, you will not get what you want, but what you deserve.” She pauses, her jewelry rings. “And you wouldn’t want that. No, no.”
I am getting impatient. Honestly, right now, I want to throw this impertinent person out. She’s asking questions now? Who does she think she is? My hands tighten.
She is right, though. She is laying the finger right on the spot. Maybe she is worth it. Maybe she knows her stuff. I just have to be very careful that she doesn’t use her powers to trick me.
“I want to be young again, because I finally want to feel loved. You wouldn’t know it, but my husband has never been loving in the least. He tortured me with his brutality and carelessness. Happily, he cheated on me, so I didn’t have to deal with him all the time. Now, finally, I am old and I am going to die and I never felt love from another man.”
“Ah … We’re getting closer. This is making things clearer. Go on.”
I try to stop myself, but it is pouring out of me now. How is she doing this?
“When Frederick finally died, I was free. It took me a while to adjust, but I found Theo and he is very nice to me. Respectful, caring. Loving, in a filial kind of way. And now, I want to be loved by him. Like a woman, not like a grandmother or a corpse-to-be. I want to be lusted after. I want him to drool when he thinks of me. I want him to get hard in his pants when he fantasizes about me.”
I almost get up in my chair, there’s so much energy bursting through me right now. Of course, it’s all an illusion. I drop back on the cushion, breathing heavily. Then I cough some more. I hate, hate, hate this body …
The witch smiles.
“Yes. I can see it. It’s an understandable wish. A good one, too. Maybe, maybe I might be able to grant it.”
I barely manage to control myself:
“You could?”
“I could. But it would be stressful. It would take me months. Do you still have this much time?”
I nod. Probably. Hopefully, now.
“Good. It will be exhausting for me, so it will be expensive for you. You will have to find a woman your man desires and keep her around.”
“But how is that going to help me?”
She gives me an incredibly intense look. I almost shirk away from her. A kind of shiver runs down my body.
“You will become that woman. You will ride her until you tame her, and then, you will be her. And he will be yours.”
“Maybe. But I have done it before. If you are willing to commit, to give your all, it will work. If you are playing around, it will fail. You will die, lost forever.”
“No, no. I want this. Please! What do I have to do? Do you need anything other than money?”
I look at my fingernails. My hair maybe? The sad strands growing out of my scalp are a bad excuse for a haircut, regardless of what my hairdresser says.
“Ah, you know the myths. Well, there is something. When your body dies, I need your ashes. They will be a part of my payment.”
I hesitate. Getting cremated was not part of the plan. Then again, it won’t be my body anymore, won’t it?
“Good. I accept.”
“Wonderful.” The witch cackles and gets up slowly. “Get the woman, then I will begin.” As she walks towards the door, she stops. “Another thing. If you want to be in control once the ritual is completed, you need to ride her hard. Go easy on her, and it will be you who is ridden.”
I nod eagerly. My hands start to shake. I just might get what I want. Finally!

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4 months 3 weeks ago #138288 by El_Roy_1999
Replied by El_Roy_1999 on topic My stories on Smashwords
Something different once in a while - wrestling!

The Snake
Secret underground bodybuilder wrestling league! Ana Paine vs. Brutus Invictus! Posing and fighting! Brawns and beauty! The Battle of the Century!
What more need I say ...
This work of erotic fiction contains male and female muscle and wrestling. All characters are over 18 years old.

Get it here!

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4 months 2 weeks ago #138326 by El_Roy_1999
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A story for the fans of the ultra-big, ultra-monstrous women!

To the Bitter End
Katie is really bad at dealing with challenges. And if there's someone who thinks she can't double her bodyweight in muscle, well, joke's on him!
This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth and body modification. All sexually active characters are at least 18 years old.

Get it here and enjoy!

(This is the translation of a story previously available in German only.)

And a little preview:

“Katie, are you sure this is a good idea?”
Manny was almost intimidated. He knew his girlfriend tended to have intense ideas and she did like to try dangerous and frankly crazy things. This was part of her appeal. She wasn’t into extreme sports or anything, but she wasn’t the person to just say “no”. Just the opposite, actually. She loved stupid suggestions and challenges.
As a result, the Double-You-challenge was right up her alley. This was just another one of those things. She ended up in the depths of the dark web and looked for the strangest and most intense message boards. Manny was used to crazy stuff, but this was too much, even for him.
Not for her, though.
She loved it. She joined the discussions, held her opinions and picked fights with obviously insane people.
Not that Manny had much to complain. If he wanted to try something, it never was much of an issue. Katie was in on anything he suggested. She was of rather average height, she insisted on 5’9”, thin and blond and she had a bunch of stupid tattoos that she had acquired mostly through the same challenges. She was also pierced in many nice places, six studs in her tongue, two in her brows, septum, lips and the ears too. Obviously. She also sported a couple of tunnels.
For Manny, this was great. He was big, strong and hunky, tall, with short brown hair and a nicely shaved beard. Handsome. If he wanted to try something new, he just needed to say the magic words:
“I dare you.”
Obviously, other people had noticed too. On one of the bodybuilding message boards, they had the Double-You-challenge. The idea was simple. Double your own weight, but with muscles.
Somehow, no one had managed to do this, but there were a lot of people insisting that they were trying. The guys there were obviously quite the freaks and turned each other on with probably manipulated pictures. For Katie, this was something of a call to action. She joined in instantly, bragging along and finally declared that she could do it.
No problem.
Once the laughter died down and she was still there and insisted that she was serious, the guys joined in and declared:
“Fine, let’s do it. You get everything you need, but we get to watch. Okay?”
That was literally no problem for Katie.

So here they were. Manny had just taken the before pictures and Katie posted them. Then she grinned:
“You’ll see. This will be awesome!”
He looked at all those boxes and crates that filled their apartment. The stuff was covered in weird letters and didn’t look reassuring. She walked over to him, sank her hand down his track pants and kissed him:
“From what I heard, that stuff makes you really horny. I think you’ll enjoy this too, dear. Now stop grumbling and get to work!”
With a final grumble, he took the list the guys sent with the packages and said:
“Okay. So … this looks as if my granny’s drug list and a pack of alphabet soup had a kid, but if you really think …”
“Screw this! Come on!”
She pulled down her pants and showed him her ass.
“Hit me!”
He opened the boxes and extracted an impressive collection of syringes, shakes, powders, pills and bandages. Then he went to work.
Once she was pumped full of that stuff and grinning like a maniac, she went over to his training equipment and went to work. She had been training for a while now to maintain her figure, so now she mostly went for longer and more intense exercise. Manny hovered around her the entire time, ready to save her should she get hurt. She liked the idea, but at the same time, it was a little odd.
Anyway, as far as the plan went, she was supposed to do abs and legs first. Then a massage, and then eat, eat, eat.
She was okay with that.

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4 months 1 week ago #138360 by El_Roy_1999
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A short thing I did for Tigersan as a continuation of The Thin Woman ( www.smashwords.com/books/view/826094 ).

Satanic Panic
Ever since Katrin rescued David, he's been obsessing about the strange, thin musclewoman. Now he decides to go all in to meet her again. She does have plans for him, though ...
This erotic fiction contains female muscle and extreme thinness. All characters are 18 or older.


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3 months 1 week ago #138579 by El_Roy_1999
Replied by El_Roy_1999 on topic My stories on Smashwords
After a bit, here's a new story.

Mom's Changes
Kelly is struggling with her life: Her son Travis is no good, she has to work two jobs to make ends meet and she's feeling completely exhausted lately. To her surprise, she wins a trial membership at a health club and gym. Soon, her life is changing ...
This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth. All sexually active characters are at least 18 years old

Get it here!


And a preview:

Travis came home. He scratched his balls and went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and got himself a box of leftovers. He popped them into the microwave and waited for it to be ready. Then he sat down and dug in. Being a big guy needed a lot of food and the stuff his mom cooked was good. When he was done, he heard her at the door. He grabbed an energy drink and popped the can open, then went to see her. She looked tired. His mom carried in two handfuls of plastic bags and schlepped them to the kitchen. He said:
“Oh, Mom, it’s you. You’re back?”
She groaned and hefted the bags on the table, knocking down the empty box. She sighed.
“Oh Travis. Can’t you put away your dishes when you’re done?”
“I was just about to do it, Mom.”
She sighed again, picked the box up and put it in the sink. Then she started stashing the groceries. He watched her passively, taking a sip from the can. Eventually, she was finished. He repeated the question:
“So, how was it?”
“I don’t want to talk about it. I just want a pause.”
“Fine. I’m going to watch TV.”
“I … I just …”
“Whatever, Mom.”
He went to the living room, dropped on the sofa and started watching. She waited for a moment to let the despair fade away, then sat down in the tiny kitchen and took out the free paper she had picked up. In the other room, the noise of his show was drowning out everything. She sighed a third time and wondered why he couldn’t just go to his room. It was bad enough that she had to sleep on the living room sofa, she could at least have the room for herself. It was the same as always. First, her father had decided on what she’d do, then Travis’ father, who disappeared as soon as the baby killed her libido and now, it was Travis’ turn. She couldn’t stand up for herself. Her co-workers at the supermarket and at the cleaning company both said that she should throw out that good-for-nothing slacker, but she couldn’t. She was just too weak.
As she read the paper, wondering why she even cared about that stuff, her eyes lingered on an ad.
“Feeling weak and powerless? Join our women-only gym and get your life back. A strong body and a strong mind. Win a free three month trial if you sign up this week. Join LifeBack!”
She snorted. As if she ever had her life under control! She was screwed and she knew it.
Over the next days, her mood got worse. Travis still wasn’t looking for a job and when he wasn’t hanging out with his useless friends, he’d watch porn in his room, or, even worse, in the living room while she was holed up in the kitchen. She was exhausted and frustrated. She had hoped her son would at least find a girlfriend, after all, he was pretty good-looking, tall and strong, though maybe a bit on the pudgy side. But no. He wasn’t interested at all. Or maybe he was, but he had such incredibly high expectations, there was no way he’d ever get a girl.
She was in the kitchen again, explosions rocking the living room. She had asked Travis to get rid of the trash and he had once again ignored her. So, she packed up the bags and set out to bring it down to the cans. As she walked by, Travis told her to get out of the frame, he couldn’t see the movie. She was about to blow up, but took a deep breath instead and fumbled with strained fingers to get the door open.
As she put the bags into the cans, she noticed the newspaper again. “Feeling weak and powerless?” Oh, yeah. Definitely. And there was no chance things would get better. She was caught in this quagmire and …
Enough with the self-pity! She took the newspaper back out, tore the ad from the page and went out to the park next door. The place was pretty run down and mostly concrete, but there were a few trees, so the name had stuck. As she walked, she dialed the number and was immediately greeted by a happy and enthusiastic voice.
“Hi there! You’ve reached LifeBack. I’m Marcia. How can I help you?”
“Hello. I’m Kelly. I saw your ad …”
“Cool. You won! Oh. Wait. That was too quick. Anyway. Do you want to sign up?”
“Did I win?”
“You did. Congratulations!”
“Okay. So, then I’d like to sign up for the trial.”
“Awesome. Just come over to our studio and we can get you started.”
“Okay. Wow. Thank you!”
She put the phone back into her pocket when she noticed that she was surrounded. There were three big youths, each one taller than the next and clearly very strong and they stood in her way. One of them said:
“Congratulations, lady. So you won something. That’s awesome. Maybe you could give us a part of the money. We’d like that.”
“What? No! I won a membership at a gym. I don’t have any money.”
“That’s bad. You should get some. And bring it to us, or we’ll make you. And Travis. What a stupid fuck.”
“Leave him alone.”
“Or what?”
They laughed. Then one of them pushed her and she fell over. They laughed some more. The biggest one said:
“If you weren’t as old and ugly, we’d have a way to make you pay.”
“You’re lucky you’re ugly as fuck.”
“Yeah, go away. We need some real girls.”
Then one of them still knelt down and said:
“Why not anyway.”
He grabbed her butt and squeezed. They howled with laughter as she tried to get away.
“I like that ass. It’s flabby, but at least it’s big.”
The others were about to join in when Kelly stumbled to her feet and ran. She was angry, she was frustrated, she was terrified. She hated this place, she hated those people, she hated her weakness. This was so horrible.

It took her a few days to actually go to the gym. It was a little off the usual places she went to and she was so busy she hardly had the time. She was surprised. The gym wasn’t in one of those usual former factories or refit shops, it was in an apartment. She rang.
It took a moment, then the door was opened. She looked at a strange woman. She was quite old, with curly white hair and a lot of lines on her black face. She was also quite tall, maybe 5’11”, and she was buff. She had broad shoulders, strong arms and a big chest. She was also wearing a pink tank top and some shorts that showed off her large thighs and her thick butt. The aged face really didn’t fit her youthful and dynamic body. Kelly wasn’t too sure about her look. It was impressive, but also a bit much. However, the training probably worked. The results were definitely there.
“Hi! You must be Kelly. I’m Marcia. We spoke on the phone. Come on in!”
The apartment was nice. It was bright, with big windows that went out to the back. There was a big tree whose green leaves danced in the wind. There were a few machines and some racks of weight here. As far as Kelly could tell, Marcia was the only other person here. She asked:
“Aren’t there any other people?”
“No, not yet. I decided that I’d train you personally for now. This way, you can make some progress easily and get into it.”
“But isn’t that bad for business?”
“Don’t worry. Everything is fine.” She handed her a bag. “Here’s your outfit.”
“My outfit?”
“You’ll want to feel comfortable and look good. This’ll help.”
“And what about the paperwork?”
“Hey, stop worrying about my business. We’ll get to this eventually. For now, let’s get you started!”
Kelly shrugged and went behind a screen to get changed. Marcia heard her go “Wow.” and “Whoo, that’s tight.” Then, she stepped out and said:
“This is nice.”
The outfit was white and orange and looked quite good on her. It covered most of her body, the torso, the arms and the legs as well as most of the neck, and it made her feel like a superhero. Also included were a pair of shoes and some gloves, all in the same color scheme. The clothes managed to hide the biggest lumps of her out-of-shape body.
Marcia nodded:
“Thank you. So, let’s train!”

When Kelly returned home, the TV was on again and Travis was on the couch, sipping an energy drink and eating pizza. She sighed and carried the meal packets to the fridge. There were a lot of them and Marcia had insisted she eat them at the given times. It was strange. The food was basically filling up most of her fridge and it was only supposed to last for five days!
Also, she felt relaxed. Tired, exhausted, certainly, but incredibly refreshed. Despite the hard and intense training and the painful massage, she had the impression that this wasn’t just useful or healthy, it was downright nice.
She hadn’t felt this good in ages. She was also really tired and needed to sleep now. So, she returned to the living room and said:
“Travis, you’ve got to go to your room. I’m tired, I need to get to bed. Please.”
“Yeah, no. I’m still watching my show.”
“Travis, I have asked nicely. Please do what I asked you to.”
“Nah. This is interesting.”
She took a deep breath. Be assertive, Marcia had told her.
“Travis, go to your room. Now.”
“Mom …”
Her voice was ice. The young man looked at her in surprise and slowly got up, turning the TV off and taking the can and the pizza with him. He didn’t even say anything or look at her.
She sighed:
“Thank you.”
Moments later, she was asleep.

When she returned to Marcia’s the next day, she was surprised to still find herself alone with the other woman. Her trainer immediately told her to get dressed and started her on her workout. She went through a whole circle of exercises. Machines, little weights, cardio, bodyweight, you name it, she did it. Time flew by. Marcia was always there, always attentive, helping her through the movements, supporting her and motivating her gently but precisely to perform the exercises correctly.
Whenever she wanted to say something, Marcia gave her a quick look. If it was an obvious attempt at small-talk or chit-chat, she’d nod, make a gesture and insist on her continuing her training. She didn’t have to do this in silence, but she was supposed to focus.
After training, Marcia had her lie on a bed and again give her a very intense, even painful massage. When she was done, Kelly asked:
“I get why the training has to be hard, but what’s that with the kneading?”
“That’s to help your muscles develop. It’s painful, I know, but it really helps. You’ll see.”
Before she left, Kelly turned to the strong woman and said:
“I liked it. Thank you.”
Marcia nodded and replied:
“I’m glad you enjoyed it. See you tomorrow.”

The week flew by. It was incredible. Kelly was exhausted every evening. Work was hard, even tedious, and managing Travis was annoying to say the least. And yet, every workout was a blessing. Every day, they focused on something different. Although Kelly didn’t notice any changes right away, she did feel better. On the seventh day, Marcia just had her sit down silently and meditate. That was the weirdest thing. Just being there for half an hour or so, doing nothing and focusing on her breath. It was something she had never imagined doing. She was always busy, always struggling, always on the verge of collapsing. And now, Marcia had her just sit there and concentrate.
It took her a while to just let go enough to do this. When she finally allowed herself to relax, it felt really good. Marcia’s following massage was different from normal. It was gentle and soothing. Kelly almost fell asleep on the bed.
When she left, her arms loaded with new food boxes, she wondered what it would be like to do this for three months. For now, she enjoyed it.
At home, she was immediately pulled back down to reality. Travis was lying on the couch, dropping another empty can on the floor. The sugary liquid drenched the carpet. She shut the door with the tip of her toe and put the boxes on the table. Sighing, she said:
“Could you pick that can up? It’s staining the carpet.”
“Yeah. In a moment.”
“No. Do it now.”
“In a moment, Mom.”
She took a deep breath, then shook her head. No. Enough. She walked up to him and said:
“You pick that can up right now.”
He was surprised. This was the same as last time. She radiated a kind of energy he found hard to resist.
“Okay, okay. Calm down.”
He picked the can up and put it back on the sofa.
“No. Take all the cans and put them in the trash.”
It was clear that he was trying to decide whether he wanted to fight. Her expression was clear. The answer was no. Grumbling, he picked everything up, put it in a bag and carried the bag to the kitchen, stuffing it in the trash can. Kelly followed him and put the food into the fridge. He asked:
“Jeez, Mom, what’s with all the food?”
“I’m training. I have to watch my diet.”
“You? Training? Seriously? What for?”
“To feel healthy. Why else?”
“For real? So, what are you doing, that Pilates thing?”
“Actually, I’m training with weights and machines.”
He burst out laughing.
“Whatever. You, training with weights? Hah!”
Kelly was annoyed. What was his problem? He pulled up his sleeve, revealing a big, but flabby arm.
“So you’re going to get strong, huh? This is hilarious!”
Out of nowhere, she grabbed his hand and clumsily twisted it this way and that, vaguely imitating an arm-wrestling move. Travis was a little dumbfounded. His mother had never done anything like that. Then he said:
“I don’t know what you’re doing, but you can have an arm-wrestling match, if you want to!”
Kelly shrugged.
“I don’t know. Maybe I do!”

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2 months 2 weeks ago #138700 by El_Roy_1999
Replied by El_Roy_1999 on topic My stories on Smashwords
A new story for all of you!

My wife checked my search history and she found out what I like ... This is very embarrassing, but happily, she's also curious about it. Let's see how it goes ... (Spoiler alert: It'll be great!) This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth and breast expansion. All sexually active characters are at least 18 years old.


And here's a preview:

There are few words that men dread as much as these:
“I have checked your browser history …”
Here I am, sitting on the sofa, playing video games on the big screen and suddenly feeling my life flashing before my eyes. I have been living alone for too long and obviously stopped paying attention. So, of course, that came to bite me in the ass. I switch off the game and turn to my girlfriend. She is amazing: rather tall, slim, nice breasts, cute butt, long brown hair, beautiful. And she’s intelligent too. I hit the jackpot with her, but as they say, you should quit while you are ahead. No more fetishy porn if you struck it rich!
To my shame, I didn’t, still sticking to my old online haunts and jerking off to the same crazy shit as before. And now, she found out. I feel my cheeks heat up, but I try to make an innocent face.
“Yes …”
“You are one sick fuck.”
Oh no. Oh no. No, no, no. This can’t be happening! This is super bad. I fucked up big time now!
“Listen, Rylie, I don’t … I didn’t …”
She walks over to me and puts her finger on my lips.
“Shhh …”
Slowly, a grin appears on her lips.
“I like it.”
I blurt out:
“What the fuck?”
“Yeah. Of course, I was shocked at first, but then I thought about how it would feel … And I kinda warmed to the idea.”
I swallow. I know she is open to ideas in the bedroom, but this? No way. She is making fun of me, isn’t she? I’m not sure of how to react. Without thinking, I squawk:
“Definitely. I even went to a friend of mine who claims she is a witch. I told her about this fantasy, and guess what? She made this little beauty for me!”
She reaches into her shirt’s cleavage and pulls out a tiny vial. There is a greenish liquid in it. It looks odd. More like vegetable soup than anything else. The little glass container makes a weird impression. She holds it up and says:
“She told me that this potion will transform me. Can you believe it?”
I feel my cock swell in my shorts. Oh fuck. I grab a pillow and put it over my crotch. She laughs:
“Okay … I didn’t expect you to react so quickly!”
She steps forward and slips her foot under the pillow, between my legs. I can feel her toes against my cock. It gets harder quick. She licks her lips.
“I am surprised and impressed. Just thinking of this made you hard? Wow. Wow. I love it.”
She rubs my cock some more, then says:
“So, if that thing actually worked, what would you do?”
“I would … I don’t know … I would do anything for you.”
“Cool. I like that. Well, there goes nothing.”
Without much explanation, she pops off the tiny cork and empties the vial. She immediately retches.
“Yuck. That stuff tastes gross. I don’t know what I expected, but … Blargh.”
I stare at her as she gags a little, then she adds:
“Whoa. That was something … Now we wait …”
“Okay …”
She shivers. Suddenly, she sighs.
“Ooh …”
“What’s going on? Are you okay?”
She moans:
“Aah … This feels amazing … I think it is … working. Can you see anything yet? I … I feel like a power flowing through me … Like a kind of energy … Ooh …”
She gasps, and now, I am very, very hard. She looks at me through half-closed eyes and grins. My cock is so hard now, it’s lifting the pillow. She takes a deep breath and sighs happily.
“Why don’t you take away that pillow …”
I reluctantly do it, revealing the tent of my shorts. She grins. Then she continues:
“I can feel something deep inside of me. It’s so strange … As if I’m going to change any moment … There’s a kind of … I don’t know how to put it.”
She runs her hand down her body, then into her crotch, pushing down the folds of her dress. Then, she touches her arms, caressing them and examining them with a kind of horny curiosity.
“Do you notice it? It’s there, I can feel it …”
I stare at her bronzed skin, wondering whether my mind is playing tricks on me or whether there’s really something happening? Is it just me, or is her arm getting thicker?
She sees me, all horny and hard and comes very close now, looking me deep in the eyes. She breathes in sharply, biting her lip.
“Wow … This is …”
My eyes are very open now. I stare at her, my mouth hanging open. She is right there in front of me and this is happening, isn’t it? This isn’t just some weird lucid dream. She really found my secret stash and she loves it … More than that, she somehow went all in … How is that even possible? I gotta be dreaming!
She lifts her arm now, so close to me. The smell of my pre-cum hits my nose. Fuck. I haven’t been this horny since my teens. She runs her fingers over her upper arm, looking for her biceps.
“What would happen if I flex that? Can you imagine it?”
I have to focus so I don’t start shaking. I am so incredibly aroused now. It’s almost too much. My brain is steaming … I just hope she …
“Want to touch it?”
My hand shoots up, making her pull back for a second, but she lets me touch her arm and I feel for something which might be there …
That’s when she giggles:
“Gotcha! Wow. You are so fucking horny, dear. I am impressed.”
Wait. What’s going on? Is this a joke? Candid camera? I feel my head go crimson. My boner collapses. No. No. Please …
She frowns.
“Hey … Where did it go?”
I mumble:
“Was it just a joke?”
She looks a little disappointed, almost crestfallen.
“Yeah. Sorry. I mean, seriously. A magic potion? Did you believe that?”
“For a moment. Yeah. You sold it really well.”
There’s a weird pause now. As if something broke. The magic is gone. I don’t know how to deal with this right now. She lifts her dress a bit and sits on my lap, caressing my cheek.
“Sorry. I didn’t want to make this even more awkward. I may have been a little angry about the stuff on your computer, but …”
Just as I want to apologize, she gasps.
Confused, I ask:
“What is it? Are you okay?”
“Oh God … There’s something … happening … I feel like …”
“Ha ha. Very funny. Come on, give it a rest.”
“No, no, this is for real. There’s this … warmth. I can feel it. It’s … incredible.”

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1 month 1 hour ago #139064 by El_Roy_1999
Replied by El_Roy_1999 on topic My stories on Smashwords
Here's a story that was part of Richard and Jane Greye's first anthology. Now that number two is coming up, those that missed the it can pick it up here. Also, it's a cool story.

The Absorbing Girl
Selena drinks from an unlabeled bottle in a basement fridge at a college party. The next day, she is fit and the guy she flirted with is no longer buff. That sounds promising ...
This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth and draining. All characters are at least 18 years old.


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1 week 21 hours ago #139347 by El_Roy_1999
Replied by El_Roy_1999 on topic My stories on Smashwords
If you're looking for a story with a powerful, dominant elderly woman who straightens out a couple of Ivy Leaguers, look no further ...
(This story is in the style of " In the Old Country ", " You Know What They Say About Texas " and " The Laborers ".)

Four young men from a very expensive college are on a road trip through the middle west when they stupidly provoke an elderly woman, thinking they can get away with it. Well, Beth doesn't suffer fools and she makes them pay ...
This erotic fiction contains female muscle, feats of strength, big tits and a big clit. All characters are at least 18 years old.


And the preview:

The four young men grinned. This place was ridiculous. They pushed the door open and were greeted by the smell of coffee and the sound of country music. With their fancy haircuts, their bespoke shirts and their cashmere sweaters, they stood out like sore thumbs. They walked over to the bar, taking a haughty look at the woman working the stove. She looked weird. She was old, in her mid-seventies maybe, tanned skin, blond-white hair and surprisingly dressed in a blouse she had tied into a knot under her gargantuan breasts. Those things were absurdly big and they looked as if they were only kept up there by the blouse, otherwise they would have hung down below her navel.
Mark chuckled:
“That one is certainly not dressing her age.”
Brian replied:
“Maybe she’s stuck at some point in the past. Happens to the best of us, don’t you think?”
William cut in:
“Like Professor Calhoun. That guy!”
They laughed. Vincent shouted:
“Oh yes, that tweed! Seriously? Where does he think he teaches, Hogwarts?”
The woman ignored them while she fixed the beans for Lewis, an older man sitting at one of the tables. His curly white hair was sparse and his flannel shirt looked worn. Once she was ready, she got the beans on the plate and brought him his meal. It was on the house. “The least I can do”, she used to say.
Lewis thanked her, offering to repay her, but as always, she said:
“If there’s something to fix or to carry, I’ll call on you immediately.”
The boys stared at her. That was even better! The woman was wearing some literal daisy dukes! They couldn’t believe what they saw. It was just so absurd!
There was one thing, though: She was really buff.
Mark said:
“Wow! She certainly is cornfed. Look at those legs!”
They nodded with mock admiration. Her muscles were indeed big. Although the woman wasn’t all that tall, maybe 5’4”, she was hugely strong, with bulky shoulders, heavy arms full of muscles and a set of ripped abs that looked as if they had been chiseled out of marble. The legs were thick and obviously hard and would have put a draft horse to shame. A very ripped draft horse, too.
The woman didn’t much care about the young men’s antics. She returned to her post and asked:
“So, anything I can get you, gentlemen?”
They guffawed. Gentlemen! This was rich.
Brian leaned over the counter and did his best to do the local accent:
“Well, m’lady, I’d love to have some of your finest coffee.”
“We only got black. I can get you a pot.”
The laughter only got more intense after that answer. For Lewis, this was enough. He got up and said:
“Allow me, Beth. I’ll have to set those youngsters straight.”
He headed for them, which only amused them more, but Beth shook her head.
“Don’t worry about them. I’m sure they’ll be on their way soon, won’t you?”
Mark looked around, frowned at the decoration, but said:
“Actually, we just might stay here for a moment. I quite enjoy the place, don’t you, guys?”
There were nods all around. Lewis glared at them.
Beth took the pot of coffee and the cups, put them on a plate and carried them quickly and with surprising grace to a table further off. She set them down and said:
“Enjoy your drinks, gentlemen.”
By now, they were howling with laughter. This was all so ridiculous. Just as Beth made her way back to the counter, Vincent put his hand on her barely covered butt-cheek and squeezed it.
At least, he tried to. His fingers didn’t even manage to dent her glutes. He stopped, then tried again. It felt as if he was trying to squish a steel ball.
Beth sighed, turned around and faced him. Now that the young men were sitting, they realized just how huge that woman actually was.
She stretched for a moment, putting quite the strain on her blouse. Her colossal breasts wobbled. The muscles under her skin quivered and swelled.
“So you’d like to stay here for a moment?”
The boys hesitated. Her voice was calm and matter of fact, but there was an underlying threat there and they were just so slightly intimidated.
Vincent tried to say something, but she glared at him and he fell silent. Mark managed to say:
“Listen there, lady, we’re …”
Wordlessly, she turned around and walked to the door. The men got up instantly, following her. What was she up to?
She walked towards their car. It was European, sleek and expensive. It was also very fast despite seating four people. Beth reached the front of it, squatted down and sank her fingers underneath it. Then she got a firm grasp of the undercarriage and looked at the men. With a grunt, she lifted it up. It didn’t seem to require that much effort. At least, compared to the massive weight of the car. Her muscles swelled and she mushed her huge breasts against the front of the vehicle. It looked as if her mega-tits would engulf it entirely. She gritted her teeth and then, she brought the car’s front up to her shoulders.
It took the men a moment to be able to speak, but then, Mark shouted:
“Hey, stop! What are you doing?”
The woman didn’t even laugh. There was no hint of her enjoying this, but still, they could feel she did.
With a superior grunt, she gave the car another push, sending it up. It rose a couple of inches and she took a quick step back. Then it crashed down in front of her. The suspension produced a loud crack as it dropped down a good two yards.
Somehow, the car looked a little deflated now.
She turned to them and shrugged:
“Welcome to Kansas. Make yourselves at home.”
Mark produced an indistinct gurgle and screeched:
“You bitch! I’ll kill you!”
He stormed at her while the others still hesitated. The woman didn’t even flinch. He struck at her stomach, the anger completely clouding his judgement. His fist hit her hard, but somehow, she didn’t even budge. Not even a little bit. Mark screamed again and hit her once more, and again. And again. He rained his blows on her abs, but the old woman didn’t even seem to notice. She just looked at him with mild amusement as he tried to hurt her.
Eventually, he was out of breath and just stood there for a moment, trying to recover. She smiled:
With an indistinct howl, he punched at her huge tits, his fist sinking into her soft flesh. That obviously didn’t impress her either. He stood there, completely shocked by her passivity. Then he grabbed her thick shoulders and kneed her in the crotch.
Beth didn’t do much. She just flexed her heavy thighs and caught his leg between them. He didn’t even get to her pussy. Instead, he was now standing on one leg, unable to extricate the other one from this beartrap.
Frustrated, he screamed for the others to help him:
“What are you waiting for? Come on!”
Reluctantly, the young men summoned their courage and charged her. Brian got there first and tried to throw her to the ground by just slamming into her with his elbow. He struck the side of her boob, but that didn’t impress her. Instead, she released Mark and turned around quickly, the other tit coming lose in the process. It swung freely and hit Brian in the chest, knocking him over.
William, who was just trying to get to her, stumbled to a halt. Beth looked at the huge tit hanging down past her navel, grumbled and proceeded to stuff it back into her shirt. She looked up, caught his eye and shook her head:
Somehow, this shamed him into taking a step back. Mark shouted:
“What are you doing, you coward? Help me!”
He was just trying to get in a position to attack again, when Vincent shot by, crashing into Beth feet first. The old woman stumbled back. The whole weight of a 190-pound football player was enough to make her retreat.
Not for long, though. She didn’t fall, caught herself instead and stared down at him. Vincent had landed in the dust in front of her and was now scrambling to his feet. She caught him by his waist and lifted him up.
The other young men stared as she hoisted the big guy on her shoulder like a side of pork. Her muscles swelled, but didn’t seem to strain all that much. Brian charged again, trying to make her fall over. Instead, she caught him around the neck with her free arm and got him into a headlock. Turning around, she led him over the dusty yard, the poor guy trying to force her incredibly strong muscles apart. Meanwhile, Vincent was yelling for help, his arms and legs flailing pointlessly against her.
That’s when Mark hit her in the face with the tire iron he had just picked from the wreckage of his car. She tucked in her chin instinctively, the awkward angle of his attack slowing the blow. Still, that should have hurt.
Mark stared at her as she spat, mumbled an excuse and tossed the still struggling Vincent at him.
The big man buried his friend under him.
Next, Beth dropped the already very crimson Brian. He fell to the ground, gasping for air. She bent forward, took the tire iron and scowled at Mark.
“I can’t believe it. You could have seriously hurt someone with that thing!”
It wasn’t entirely clear whether she was referring to herself like this. Vincent and Mark were starting to realize that she probably wasn’t. This woman was terrifying.
She took the steel bar in both hands and tensed her thick, ripped muscles. Somehow, they seemed to get even bigger, the veins and striations somehow popping out even more prominently. She strained against the steel, a vein rising under the skin of her forehead. The men scrambled away. Vincent stared at her. This couldn’t be happening!
She took deep breaths, her muscles tensing and quaking under her skin. Every time she attacked the bar again, she seemed to grow bigger. Then, all of a sudden, there was a faint squeal as the metal gave way. To the young men’s complete terror, she started bending the tire iron, first slowly, then quicker as she managed to increase the power of her lever.
With a tortured howl, the steel bar gave way until it was bent in a U-shape.
Mark stood there, his jaw hanging loose. His mind was struggling to process what was happening. It failed miserably.
Beth had the iron mostly bent in half now, so she took it in a single hand and squeezed. The steel tried to resist, but it was futile. With one unladylike grunt, she forced the two ends against each other.
Then she took a deep breath.
The young men were completely stunned. She took the ruined tire iron and handed it back to Mark.
“There. This should be safer.”
With these words, she turned around and walked back to the diner, leaving the confused and shocked men in her wake.

Just as she reached the door and prepared to step back inside, she heard Mark curse.
“The car is ruined! How the hell am I going to get replacement parts to this shithole?”
She stopped. Sighed. Turned around to watch.
He was sitting in the car, trying to start it, but it wouldn’t. No wonder. The suspension was broken, the engine was probably ruined as well and that kind of bumping would also wreak havoc on the fiddly electronics they stuffed into those modern cars.
She watched, a faint smile playing on her lips. Poor idiots. Should have bought a real car. Lewis appeared next to her, lit a cigarette and exchanged glances with her.
The young men’s situation wasn’t improving either. Now that they understood they couldn’t leave, they also realized they had no place to stay. By now, they were panicking, shouting at each other about sleeping in a ditch or getting eating by local wildlife or cannibals.
Beth chuckled. Then she said:
“Boys, if you learn to watch your mouths and stop acting like jerks and cry-babies, I’ll let you sleep at my house. And if you work and earn your keep, I’ll even get you fed.”
Mark was still furious about the car and shouted:
“Fuck you! We’re going to find a place to stay! The people here will love to take our money!”
“I doubt that. Lewis, would you tell the others what happened?”
“Sure, Beth. Always a pleasure.”
“Thank you. You’re a sweetheart.”
He nodded and walked off, giving the young men a mocking grin. Beth crossed her arms on top of her gargantuan breasts and said:
“Okay, now make yourselves useful! There’s a lot of stuff to clean.”
Grudgingly, they followed her inside.

After what felt like forever, they got back out of the diner, their hands sore from all the cleaning. Beth had been adamant that they take care of everything. They washed the dishes, they wiped the tables, they shined the floor until it sparkled and they even cleaned the windows. Now that the place looked as good as new, she locked up and pointed towards a waiting pickup truck. It was an old model, but well-kept.
Mark, still not understanding what he had gotten himself into, asked:
“So, how are we all going to fit in?”
She laughed and said:
“You’ll get on the bed. Come on. Faster!”
“But …”
“Shut up and get on board, big boy!”
“Okay, okay …”
They all got on and she climbed into the car. Through the rear window, they could see that there wasn’t much chance for them to fit in anyway. This woman was just so shockingly big and wide, they wondered how she even managed to stuff herself into the car.
Then she started it and off they were, over bumpy roads full of potholes. Brian grumbled:
“What the fuck are they doing with their roads out here? This sucks!”
He clung to the side of the car as it did another jump. William commented:
“Well, it’s not as if your car would have survived that road anyway, Mark …”
The other young man scowled at him, but didn’t say anything. He was still furious, but now, it was a cold kind of anger.

Eventually, they reached an isolated farm. It was quite a bit from the next house, and the young men could barely see some glints of light from other buildings. Vincent chuckled:
“Very good. We’ll be alone with her! This will make things easy.”
William shook his head:
“Yeah, but there’s one thing you’re not getting, Vince: We’re alone with her!”
“Don’t be such a wimp, Billy-Boy.”
“Dude, no. I’m just being realistic.”
Brian cut them off:
“Shut it, both of you. We’re there.”
She stopped the car and said:
“Okay, get off. You can get inside and wash yourselves. Then I’ll fix you dinner and it’s time for bed!”
Vincent looked confused:
“Time for bed? It’s not even seven pm!”
“You’re going to get up early at my place. So go to sleep early too, or you’re not going to last through the day.”
He wanted to say something, but the look on Beth’s face made it clear that she tolerated no discussions.

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